The Products I'm Loving Right Now

Mindi Walters Skincare Regenerative Oil Complex

Recently I've been completely in love with the products I'm using and I thought it would be great to share them with everyone.

  • Frownies 

One of my clients mentioned these to me and I am always willing to try something new to prevent wrinkles. At first I was skeptical, they are sort of like adhesive band-aids you place on your forehead or frown lines while you sleep to prevent facial movements that cause those wrinkles to get deeper. After two nights of using them I noticed that not only did they work but they also made my forehead look younger during the day. They are an inexpensive way to prevent fine lines. I ordered mine from Amazon

  • Voodoo Sunscreen

Hands down my favorite sunscreen, it's handmade and natural as far as sunscreen goes. It has great coverage which is extremely important since I live near the beach. I mix a little of this sunscreen with my regenerative oil every morning to make it slide on really easy and I love how it makes my skin look. I also love it because I'm completely comfortable putting it on my babies skin. This sunscreen is hard to find but I sell it at my clinic so if you're interested in a great natural SPF for your face you can email me about it at 

  • Intimia Breast Pillow

I sleep with this every night to prevent chest wrinkles. It's a pillow that separates the breast so they don't squish each other and make lines down the chest area. It straps on like a bra and I think it's really comfortable. If you are a side sleeper I highly recommend this product. I ordered mine from Amazon.

  • Earth Therapeutics Sleep Mask

I've told my clients for years that one of the easiest things you can do to prevent crows feet is to sleep with a sleep mask at night. It gives a nice buffer between the delicate eye area and your pillow. I am really picky about the sleep masks that I like mostly because I have a pretty big head so it's hard to find one I am comfortable in. The Earth Therapeutic mask is very comfortable and has an adjustable strap for any head size. This is also a great product for any side sleeper. I ordered mine from Amazon

  • Native Deodorant 

I've been on the hunt for an natural deodorant that works for a long time. I've gone though several that don't work at all and at times I'm pretty sure they made me smell bad. Native deodorant is amazing. It works really well, it smells so good I get super excited to put it on. It works all day long and I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves to go the more natural route. I ordered it at


  • Regenerative Oil Complex

I certainly can't do a blog about all the products I'm loving with out mentioning the back bone to my skin care routine which is my Regenerative Oil Complex. My business partner and I worked for a year on this formulation and it's everything I could have ever asked for in an anti-aging oil. It absorbs perfectly, the ingredients are top of the line, and it gives the skin a beautiful youthful glow. I use it day and night because I love it so much but it's also great for just nighttime use. You can order the oil at

Feel free to comment below and let me know the products you are loving right now. I'd love to hear from you!

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