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Megan Fox and MGK Talk About Mindi

In an interview with GQ Magazine, Megan Fox asks Machine Gun Kelly who her best friend is.
Celebrity Skin Expert Mindi Walters On Natural Beauty

Celebrity Skin Expert Mindi Walters On Natural Beauty

Meet Mindi Walters, Founder of Mindi Walters Skincare. Having done facials for over eighteen years, she became a renown expert in the field. The brand has exploded ever since. With four kids at home, a loving husband and two blossoming businesses, she is the epitome of a Goss.
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Mindi Walters X Samantha Cade Collection

For Pride Month, Mindi Walters Skincare has collaborated with Samantha Cade Collection to launch the limited edition "Love is Love" candle! A portion of proceeds to the charity Boo2Bullying

Mindi Walters Skincare Blog Covid Mask Breakouts

What To Do About "Maskne"

Ohhhh, the dreaded acne caused by the masks that we are wearing during this (seemingly never-ending) Pandemic. So how do you get rid of and/or prevent this?
Christopher Szamosszegi Potawatomi Mindi Walters Skincare

Christopher’s Interview with Citizen Potawatomi Nation

Citizen Potawatomi Nation tribal member Christopher Szamosszegi set out to forge his own path in the skincare industry in 2015 through building connections in Los Angeles area. He met celebrity esthetician Mindi Walters and launched a Mindi Walters Skincare in 2016
Mindi Walters Skincare Face Oils

Why Everyone Needs a Face Oil in Their Routine

I’ve been raving about oils for almost 20 years, and there are so many reasons why! I wanted to just talk to you about a few of them so you can understand why it’s time to invest in an oil if you haven’t already.
Skin Benefits of Vitamin C

Skin Benefits of Vitamin C

I'm sure by now everyone has heard that Vitamin C is a powerhouse skincare ingredient and this could not be more accurate. This ingredient is safe for even the most sensitive skin and has a huge range of benefits, from anti-aging to skin protection.
Quarantine Skin Tips

Quarantine Skin Tips

Obviously it's no secret that we are all quarantined. So I think it's a good time to share some advice on some things you can do for your skin while at home. There's a silver lining in this pandemic, because we have a lot of extra time to really give our skin the love it deserves.
Christopher David Szamosszegi Mindi Walters Skincare

Christopher Talks Skincare with DesireList

Mindi Walters Skincare Co-Founder, Christopher and one of our estheticians, Pascale sat down with DesireList to discuss their favorite skincare products.
Mindi Walters Skincare Laura Ashley Samuels Katie Welch

It Can Be Good That Your Skin Looks Bad

I know the title sounds crazy. Who would want their skin to look bad? Sometimes things have to get worse before they can get better, especially when it comes to great skin. My cardinal rule has always been that whatever facials I do on my clients I always do them 100 times stronger on my skin first. My skin is very important to me but my clients skin is even more important.

Mindi Walters Skincare Facial

Skin Discoloration and How to Fix It

Those pesky brown spots... one of the most common complaints I receive is the concern over skin discoloration. I get it, I've experienced it myself. There are a lot of reasons why discoloration happens. The sun, hormones, and genetics a just a few of the causes. Here are some ways you can help fix it.
Mindi Walters Skincare Regenerative Oil Complex

The Products I'm Loving Right Now

Recently I've been completely in love with the products I'm using and I thought it would be great to share them with everyone. I certainly can't do a blog about all the products I'm loving with out mentioning the back bone to my skin care routine which is my Regenerative Oil Complex. It's everything I could have ever asked for in an anti-aging oil. It absorbs perfectly, the ingredients are top of the line, and it gives the skin a beautiful youthful glow.
At Mindi Walters Skincare we love animals just as much as we love our skincare. That is why we do test any of our products on animals and we do not source any ingredients that are tested on animals.

Mindi Walters Joins PETA's "Beauty Without Bunnies"

Mindi Walters Skincare is proud to announce we are now a recognized member of the ‘Beauty Without Bunnies’ program. This means that all products manufactured and sold by Mindi Walters Skincare are certified by PETA. Companies included on PETA’s list of cruelty-free skincare and cosmetics have been verified that they, and their suppliers, do not commission any animal tests on ingredients, formulations, or finished products, and pledge not to do so in the future. 
These are the Exact Skincare Products That Megan Fox Uses

These are the Exact Skincare Products That Megan Fox Uses

Via COSMOPOLITAN: There is no denying that Megan Fox is an absolute mega babe. It's pretty hard ...
VoyageLA Magazine Interview: Meet Mindi Walters

VoyageLA Magazine Interview: Meet Mindi Walters

VoyageLA: Today we’d like to introduce you to Mindi Walters. Thanks for sharing your story with u...
Mindi Walters Skincare

Getting Your Skin Ready for Winter

When the seasons change, your skincare regimen needs to change as well. Here are some tips and ...
Mindi Walters Skincare

Daily Habits Causing You to Breakout

Do you ever wonder why you keep breaking out while you consistanly keep up with a strict skin reg...
Skincare: When to Splurge and When to Save

Skincare: When to Splurge and When to Save

With the changing seasons it's a good time to adjust your skin regimen. Here are some tips on whe...